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ADNAN AL SALEH TRADING GROUP (AATG) is a Kuwaiti based company specialized in Contracting & General Trading with assets exceeding $ 500 million established in 1991. The company is involved in Real estate development, construction, Property management, Project management, Amusement Parks, Wedding halls, Man power supply, Facilities management, Food operation, Housing services, Management consulting, Shopping Malls O&M, Retail and Information Technology (Website operation).


AATG’s success as a multi-faceted company is a reflection of the company’s exceptionally high standards and desire to exceed customer and partner expectations. The AATG team is comprised of the industry’s top talent, with an innovative vision and the will and resources to get the job done on time and on budget. Ours is a disciplined, focused, creative and flexible approach that has consistently provided unparalleled value and service. Over the years, we have developed a set of core competencies and operating principles to ensure this is achieved.


As part of its evolution, AATG has selected the following values to be fostered at all times:

  • Quality is set to the highest international standards.

  • Service – we bend backward to satisfy our clients.

  • Trust – Build strong and lasting relationships based on trust and preserve the company’s reputation and branding

  • Integrity with a strong sense of professional ethics is the cornerstone of all our activities. We are sincere in our communication and follow through on our commitments.

  • Respect is fundamental in our relationships with our employees, partners, clients, investors, suppliers and competitors.

  • Operate the business profitably, while maintaining high standards of fiscal responsibility, safety, attention to the environment, and comfort.

  • Be results oriented, using a focused approach while maintaining a flexible organization that can overcome challenges by thinking outside the box.

  • Hard Work - Perseverance will turn our bold visions into reality.

  • Innovation - We take the lessons of today to create the projects of tomorrow.

  • Initiative - We believe in individual leadership through action.

  • Fiscal Responsibility - We strive to create value while effectively managing resources.

  • Social Responsibility - Our commitment to improving our community goes beyond bricks and mortar.


Contact Information:-


Offices Address :


Kuwait Magic Mall

Coastal Road,

Abu Halifa,  Kuwait.

Tel - +(965) 2372 1218/9

Fax -  +(965) 2371 7526



Hawally Park

Tunis Street,

Hawally,  Kuwait.

Tel - +(965) 2261 2009

Fax -  +(965) 2266 2519



Mailing Address :


Adnan Al Saleh Trading Group

P.O. Box 1569

Hawally, Kuwait 32016

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